Quality Assurance

We at HI - JI Manufacturing, give full assurance to the quality of our products. All the mesh materials are chemically
treated and made corrosion free to help increase its life in long run. For us, the quality of products is kept on
highest stake so as to satisfy our customers and create a market base of goodwill and performance.
Its tensile strength and thickness on various grades is according to industry standards. They are good in quality
when it comes to being corrosion resistant.

High Quality Raw Materials

Defect free weaving : Consistency in aperture & wire dia throughout the weaving process.
Production : All our our materials are produced with balanced tail (pickets)
which means that the openings in both directions will be symmetrical in relation to the overall piece dimensions.
Final product goes through following quality tests to ensure you flaw less & highly durable products.

Quality Test

Quality Tests are carried out on following parameters

  • Tensile strength
  • Thickness size
  • Aperture (Hole in the mesh)
  • Trimming of the wire
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dimension of mesh
  • Quality Assurance

Packaging & Timely Delivery

Goods are packed in size as per requirement of our clients. We understand value of time and so our professionally managed team ensures timely delivery for all the shipments.

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